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One to one instruction for Dogs and Puppies - Linlithgow and surrounding areas (15 mile radius)

Seeking expert help?
Unsure how to proceed?
Limited for time?

I am on hand to provide this specialist service by looking after you and your dog’s every need.


George Threadgall
“My well structured training program ultimately teaches the owner more than it teaches the dog”

Your dog will get my undivided attention!

I have successfully trained dogs to advanced level and have been brought up surrounded by pets and animals all my life whilst living in the countryside.

Coupled with my passion for and natural affinity with dogs, I derive great pleasure simply by being in their company and gaining immediate trust whilst working as a team developing their skills.


Dogs are social animals and should not be left alone for more than 4 hours at any one time.

They become insecure, anxious and of course, they also need to go to the toilet every couple of hours.

Occupying your dog during the day helps to keep him both mentally and physically stimulated and less likely to become stressed.

My popular, reward based methods guarantee your 'Best Friend' will successfully develop into a well rounded and highly trained dog.

TELEPHONE: 07703 177 156
or email george@1-2-1dogtrainer.co.uk
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“Every Dog Owner needs a George” “George, you make it look so easy” “George’s love of Dogs is clear for anyone to see” .....MORE